A Single Platform To Monitor Exposure

Meet ResilientX: Continuous Exposure Monitoring solution designed to provide proactive defense.

- Cyber Exposure Management

Discover and manage your digital exposure. You can’t secure a web asset if you don’t know it exists.

- Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST)

Identify and rectify vulnerabilities within your applications before they're exploited.

- Network Vulnerability Scanner

Continuous Test of External Network Infrastructure,

- Enterprise API

Integrate and extend powerful security features into your enterprise systems seamlessly.

Solutions and Use Cases

Explore different scenarios where ResilientX platform, help your secure digital assets and minimize cyber risk.

- Attack Surface Management

Gain comprehensive visibility and control over your organization's attack vectors.

- Supply Chain Risk Management

Protect your organization from vulnerabilities and weaknesses introduced by third-party suppliers.

- Vulnerability Assessment

Assess Applications and Devices for weaknesses and Vulnerabilities before they are targeted. No Agent.

- Cyber Insurance Security Scoring

Quantify and Monitor cyber risks and readiness, making insurance processes transparent and tailored.

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