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ResilientX is a Unified Exposure Management Platform that Unifies Attack Surface, Web, Network Security Testing and Cloud Posture.

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One Unified Platform
to eliminate external risks

Automated discovery and inventory of External assets with empowered by passive scanning and  view of an organization's digital attack surface, entrypoints, vulnerabilities and Risk Score.
Gain a clearer picture of your digital footprint.

Discover Cyber Exposure Management

Comprehensive DAST and External Network Scanner, designed to identify, evaluate, and resolve vulnerabilities before they can be exploited.

Discover Web Application Security Testing

 Full Visibility in Cloud Assets and your Exposed Posture. Don't let unwanted error end to a cyber attack. 

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Monitor Passively and Detect weakness in your Vendors, supply chain and third-party partners. Help your Partners to ensure their Security while you maintain your Cyber Resilience. 

Discover Supply Chain Risk Management
One Unified Platform to eliminate external risks - Attack Surface Management
One Unified Platform to eliminate external risks

Prevent Attacks Before They Happen

#1 Exposure Management Solution For Supply Chain Cyber Risk

Cyber Exposure Management is more than just a product —it’s your strategic ally in safeguarding your digital landscape. Going beyond the capabilities of conventional attack surface tools, it offers a panoramic view of an entire internet-facing digital infrastructure.

You Can't Protect What You Don't See!

Every day, we scan millions of public IPs, hosts, and websites. Our meticulous process involves correlating, categorizing, and assessing each data point, ensuring our customers receive accurate and pertinent information. But scanning is just the beginning. We go beyond by offering valuable insights and context, making sure you’re always a step ahead in cyber security.

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You Can't Protect What You Don't See!

Detailed Report and Actionable Insights

We’re here every step of the way making sure you and your team deliver. We’re here every step of the way making sure you and your team deliver

Cyber Exposure Managment Report

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