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Automated Security Testing Platform

All-In-One Automated Security Testing, Assessment and Compliance Platform
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The Automated Security Testing Platform

One Platform. +30 Use Cases.

Securing your company, your customers or your suppliers with a single pane of glass solution. ResilientX Automated Security Testing Platform empowers you to close security gaps with actionable Intelligence, Results and Reports.

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check Complete Visibility, Continuous and Fully Automated

check Testing, Assessment and Compliance

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Advanced Solutions for Complex Security Problems

Managed Solutions

Our full range of solutions and services doesn’t leave any space for malicious outrages.

Managed XDR

Our Managed XDR Service provides a comprehensive security solution that helps protect your business against advanced cyber attacks. Our team of experts works around the clock to monitor your network and endpoints, detect and respond to threats, and prevent attacks from causing damage to your business. With our Managed XDR Service, you can rest assured that your business is protected 24/7.

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