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Use Cases

Dynamic Application Security Testing, commonly known as DAST, is a security testing methodology designed to identify vulnerabilities and threats in running web applications. Unlike static testing methods which focus on examining application code, DAST targets the application in its runtime environment, mimicking the actions of potential attackers.


DAST is particularly adept at finding vulnerabilities that are only detectable when a web application is live and in action, such as authentication issues, session management flaws, and data injection attacks. By simulating real-world attack scenarios without needing access to the underlying codebase, DAST provides a unique vantage point, capturing security flaws as they would manifest to external attackers.



With cyber threats evolving rapidly, it's imperative to safeguard against known vulnerabilities. ResilientX's Application Security Scanner specialized scanning targets the OWASP Top 10, a renowned list of the most critical web application security risks. From injection flaws to cross-site scripting, ensure your applications are fortified against the most prevalent and dangerous threats.

Navigating the complex web of regulatory compliance can be daunting. Incivti streamlines this process by offering tailored scans for various compliance standards. Whether you're aiming to meet PCI DSS standards, GDPR regulations, or any other industry-specific compliance, ResilientX provides a meticulous audit trail, ensuring you're always ready for internal reviews and external audits.

How It Works


Dynamic Scanning

Once the web application is live and running, DAST initiates a dynamic scan. Without requiring access to the application's underlying code, it simulates user behaviors and potential attacker techniques to interact with the application, just as if a real user or attacker were accessing it.


Vulnerability Detection

As DAST interacts with the application, it meticulously monitors responses and behaviors to detect any anomalies or indications of vulnerabilities. This can range from improper data handling, flawed authentication mechanisms, to even more subtle signs of potential weaknesses within the application.


Reporting & Analysis

Upon completing the scan, DAST aggregates its findings and generates a comprehensive report. This report highlights identified vulnerabilities, classifies them based on severity, and often provides guidance or recommendations for remediation.

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