Attack Surface Management

#1 Proactive External Attack Surface Management

All Information You need to close Internet-Facing attack Paths!

Cyber Exposure Management is your roadmap to digital security. Seamlessly survey every aspect of your Internet-Facing Assets.

External IPs and Hosts

Identify and monitor all external-facing IP addresses and hosts to gain insights into potential entry points.

Services and Ports

Discover active services and open ports to ensure they’re secured and managed appropriately.

Potential Vulnerabilities

Pinpoint possible security flaws and weaknesses in your infrastructure before they’re exploited.


Detect potentially malicious domains similar to yours, preventing deception and brand misuse.


Get an overview of all technologies in use, helping to manage and secure your digital landscape.

Certificate Monitoring

Stay informed about the status and validity of your SSL/TLS certificates, ensuring uninterrupted secure connections.

Use Cases

Cyber Exposure Management is designed to provide comprehensive visibility, continuous risk monitoring, and proactive attack vector mitigation for your business.



Cyber Exposure Management is a comprehensive solution designed to help organizations identify, manage, and reduce their cyber exposure. Similar to an Attack Surface Management (ASM), it provides a holistic view of an organization’s digital infrastructure, including servers, cloud, applications, technologies, services, and other internet-facing digital assets.



This use case for Cyber Exposure Management focuses on assessing and continuously monitoring the risk levels associated with an organization's digital assets. By assigning risk scores to different components of the digital infrastructure, organizations can prioritize vulnerabilities and threats. Continuous external monitoring ensures that emerging risks are identified in real-time, enabling timely response and mitigation. In essence, it provides a dynamic risk assessment of the organization's cyber exposure, guiding security teams on where to focus their efforts most effectively.

Within the context of Cyber Exposure Management, Attack Surface Management is centered on systematically discovering and cataloging every external digital touchpoint of an organization. This includes the meticulous mapping of servers, applications, and various online services, and even unearthing overlooked or inactive digital entities. By consistently maintaining an up-to-date ledger of these digital assets, organizations can gain a clearer picture of their potential cyber vulnerabilities, enabling them to devise informed strategies and measures to counteract potential cyber threats.

Supply Chain Risk Monitoring addresses the vulnerabilities and threats associated with third-party vendors and partners that integrate with an organization's digital infrastructure.

Given that cyber threats can originate from any point in the supply chain, this use case emphasizes the importance of continuously monitoring and assessing the cyber health of suppliers and partners. It enables organizations to detect potential weak links in their supply chain, ensuring that all associated parties maintain a basic security standard.

How It Works

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Automated Asset Discovery

CEM initiates automated asset discovery to catalog and gather all digital internet-facing resources.

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Intelligent Reconnaissance

Following the discovery phase, intelligent reconnaissance is employed to gather in-depth details and insights about each identified asset.

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Comprehensive Analysis

After data collection, a comprehensive analysis ensures thorough evaluation, revealing vulnerabilities and areas for optimization.

Ridiculously easy to use.

Cyber Exposure Management can assess all those information with only one Domain address!

Cyber Exposure Managment Report

Comprehensive Report

Discover your digital vulnerabilities with clarity. Our Comprehensive Report offers a clear snapshot of your cyber landscape, allowing you to make informed decisions and strengthen your defenses effortlessly

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